The gable on most portable buildings are built on the short dimension or at the end of the unit. But this is not the case with Side-Gable portable buildings.

Side-gable portable buildings uses a vaulted wall system as its construction technique. Units are built with the gable installed on the long side of the building. This technique adds more overall height and higher interior eave clearance. The vaulted wood walls use double hurricane clips at all stud connections, on the top and bottom plate.

T-wall bracing is also added on the front and back of all walls to protect against sudden movements. It gives the walls of the portable building more capability to remain rigid during heavy wind seasons. Our wall system also has a monolithic roof structure constructed with #1 2 x 6′s.

All these systems are in place with the goal of giving you the best-looking portable building that is durable, strong and will stand any type of season, all year round. They provide maximum protection and also make the building look more pleasing. It is a given that you would want your portable cabins or utility sheds to blend in well with your home or building. This way, they can add more value to your property, even complement your existing landscape.

Action Buildings portable buildings are all these and more. We have pre-built buildings that are ready to be delivered. But, you could go the other route and design the building yourself. You get to choose the design, color, and shape of your building. Additionally, we can even work around your budget.

Our portable buildings are designed to last and stand the test of time. We build our portable cabins, portable barns, portable sheds, and portable garages for superior longevity. Our valued customers trust us to give them portable buildings that can last a long time, even a lifetime. And we always give them what they want!

What’s This End Gable Side Gable Thing?

Utility Sheds

Portable utility sheds are the answer to your overflowing storage area problem. Forget about the need to renovate, sell, give or throw away things you have. You also do not have to rent a facility just to keep those unused items. These sheds are are the solution that you are looking for.

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Portable Cabins

Whether you need a space for your plants or an area for kids to play, portable cabins can be all that and a lot more. Our porch models are not just a storage unit; This style of portable cabin serves well as an office, Craftroom, mother in laws quarters, She shed or He shed or as a workshop.

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