End-gable portable buildings are known for their solid construction which makes them very durable and strong. In fact, they are considered to be the best in the portable building industry.

Modular is the construction method used in end gable portable buildings. Using this method, the roof and wall section is independent of the whole building structure. This means that end gable buildings can stand alone even if they do not have the support of the building system.

Rectangular wall sections have 2 x 4 plates, both top, and bottom. These plates are diagonally connected by a hat channel bracing, which is a firm steel T-wall. It ensures that the walls have consistent support, even if there are strong winds. Furthermore, the roof module is also vaulted with a continuous hat channel connected to each roof rafter every 24″ to provide vertical and horizontal protection.

Action Building’s suppliers constantly refine and improve the materials we used as well as the manufacturing processes. It is how we make sure that our end gable steel buildings will last and stand the test of time. Our customers expect the best from us and that is what we give them always.

But we do not just present our customers with ready to deliver portable cabins, sheds or garages. We know what people have different tastes and needs, especially when it comes to adding an extension to their home. This is why you can build the buildings yourself using our 3D builder software. Using this tool, you can create the portable building that will suit your needs. Clearly, there is no limit to what your portable garage, portable shed or portable cabin can turn out.

Whatever style you choose or purpose your portable building will serve, rest assured that you are getting only the best quality from us. Long-lasting and durable portable storage buildings are what we do best!

What’s This End Gable Side Gable Thing?

Utility Sheds

Portable utility sheds are the answer to your overflowing storage area problem. Forget about the need to renovate, sell, give or throw away things you have. You also do not have to rent a facility just to keep those unused items. These sheds are are the solution that you are looking for.

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Portable Utility Shed Georgia

Portable Cabins With Porch

Portable cabins with a porch can be used for that hunting or fishing cabin you’ve always wanted. They can be a commercial location office or backyard office that you desperately need. They can be that backyard get-away to have coffee or hang out with friends and family as a He Shed or She Shed. These portable cabins are like a satellite extension of your home, to be either quiet or noisy without bothering the rest of the family or vice-versa.

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Portable Mini Garages

You have some valuable investments. However big or small they are, you have to make sure that they are protected from harmful UV rays, rain, and moisture. This is why mini garages are the perfect solution for tractors, ATV’s, or motorcycles.

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Mini Garage Bibb City GA

Portable Garages

If you are looking for extra storage space and shelter for vehicles or anything that you want to keep safe from the elements, a portable garage could be the perfect answer. Action Buildings’ portable garages are heavy-duty, with reinforced floors, frames, and roof. These keep the structure safe and durable. We have different styles of garages that will meet your needs.

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